June 3rd, 2017

Property approvals from the Chennai Municipal Development Authority (CMDA) and the Directorate of Town and Country Planning (DTCP) are to be obtained before the commencement of construction. Any anomalies in the same would lead to legal issues.

Procedure for CMDA Approval
The CMDA is a designated body appointed for the purpose of regulating real estate development in the Chennai Metropolitan Area through issue of Planning Permission (PP). Planning Permission (PP)are issued for construction of ordinary buildings and the buildings under normally permissible categories of Industrial, Residential, Institutional & Commercial use zones.CMDA has delegated the power to issue Planning Permission (PP) for Subdivision and small layouts upto a specified Sq. ft. to the local bodies within the Chennai Metropolitan Area. For IT/ITES, Special and Multi storey buildings permission is issued by CMDA directly Permission is granted only for those who confirm, that the land will be used for which the site has been designated under the Master Plan and Detailed Development Plan.

Procedure for DTCP Approval
The Directorate of Town and Country Planning (DTCP) is responsible for carrying out development activities. The entire area of the state is classified as either Master Plan Area or Non- Master Plan Area.Taking into account the suitability of a site, accessibility, and compatibility with the adjoining development the Local Planning Authority regulated the physical development of the Town, according to the land use envisaged in the Master Plan & Detailed Development Plan.

Before commencing any construction it is mandatory to obtain necessary permission from CMDA / DTCP.The approval number of CMDA or DTCP will be displayed on the approval layout designing.



June 3rd, 2017

WET LAND NOC (Land Conversion)

Changing the status of land from Agriculture to Non- Agriculture is known as Wet Land NOC. Use of land for any purpose other than agriculture such as Residential, Commercial and Industrial purposes requires permission from the appropriate authority and there are Rules which states the procedure for conversion of use of land from one purpose to another. If any Wet Land has to be used for Non- Agricultural purposes then the NOC has to be obtained from the District Collector. Officers from various Departments under District Collectors personally visit and verify the land and give NOC and if the Master Plan permits, either the CMDA or the DTCP would decide & reclassify the land based on the Collector’s report. The details regarding land status can be verified with the Patta.



June 3rd, 2017

Master plan is prepared for towns and cities and the same plays a key role in land use allotment for Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Public and Semi-Public, Traffic and Transportation, Parks, etc., After considering the existing land uses, on the Master Plan, every Survey Number has an allotment as stated above. We also have Detailed Development plan and New Town Development Plan which are in conformity with Master Plan proposal.
Zoning regulations on use of land and building has listed out the permissible uses in each and every zone for every survey number. It has been suggested that the areas may be classified as.

  • Residential use Zone
  • Commercial use Zone
  • Industrial use Zone
  • Educational use Zone
  • Public & Semi Public use Zone
  • Agriculture use Zone
  • CRZ 1
  • CRZ 2
  • CRZ 3
  • Water Body
  • Road
  • Reserve Forest

If anyone applies for zone change then the survey number pertaining to that land has to be checked. If the purpose mentioned is not as per our requirement then we have to go for change of zone. A Government Order has to be passed by the Government confirming the zone change.



June 3rd, 2017

NOC for Educational Sectors

Starting a school especially in Tamilnadu will be quite challenging as it might take more than a year and also more money is required for obtaining the permissions alone, depending upon the type of permission needed. Once the land is registered, we can construct the school building immediately after obtaining NOC from the State Government.

Even if it is for CBSE or any other Board, the State Government NOC is mandatory for commencement of the educational institute. We have to apply for other required approvals like certificates from Municipal Corporation, Health Departments, Child Welfare Organization etc., and get certification from local authorities for safety, hygiene & sanitations etc.

We at Brindhavanam facilitate a smooth processing from payment till obtaining NOC and so on & so forth.



June 3rd, 2017

Layout Approval

The Layouts are prepared in accordance with the specified land use zone classification prescribed in Master Plan, Detailed Development Plan & New Town Development Plan. If the land area is less than 5 acres the local bodies will approve and if it is more than 5 acres the same will be dealt by the Chennai Head Office of the DTCP. Whereas if the land area is within the Panchayat limits the approval by local bodies is sufficient area upto 10 acres and for more than 10 acres the same will be forwarded to DTCP Head Office.

Initially we will be issued the Road pattern drawing only. The developer has to comply with the same and lay a black top road accordingly. The Developer should submit a proof of the road and submit the gift deed to the government authorities (DTCP / CMDA) and after inspection the final approval for the layout will be sanctioned.

Layout Development
A successful land development is measured by how efficient the design is in its infrastructure requirements. Developers benefit from this shift in design because it creates a market advantage and reduces upfront costs, which lowers risk.

We develop layouts with to fit the higher standards and expectation of residents of communities today. We welcome any customer who wants to maximize the potential with the right subdivision layout design.



June 3rd, 2017

We are willing to enter into a joint venture for any measurement of area or ground. A Joint Venture with us has all the markings of a profitable, rewarding partnership. It will help you to expand geographically, boost your working capital & may even reduce the risk spread a bit.  But a Joint Venture requires a leap of faith & thought. For an effective joint venture it’s necessary to have a shared vision of ethos. The structure, resourcing and governance are clear from the outset.



June 3rd, 2017

Buildings are man’s most visible creations. The three main elements are Elegance, Rigidity and Utility. Architectural design provides the balance and coordination among these three elements without one overpowering the other. Creating architectural designs is a work of art and beauty, science and engineering, values and beliefs, friendship and team-working. It is one of life’s rewarding activities, bringing together a wide range of personalities, skills and expertise. Architectural services generally involve certain core activities like, receiving and understanding the brief, agreeing how to proceed and gathering data

  • Feasibility studies and assessment
  • Concept design / outline design
  • Design development
  • Construction development
  • Inspection
  • Post-occupancy evaluation

Our residential design practice varies from the most simple and inexpensive of holiday homes to sophisticated skyscraper apartments and luxurious individual villas. Architectural design of residence, by necessity, incorporates planning, furnishings, lighting and also a multitude of details that add up to architecture. In every case, the finished home embodies the individual choices of the owner and the design concept of the architect. We make sure that our architectural design solves problem and adds value.



June 3rd, 2017

Structural design is the application of fixed and repetitive mathematical formulae. We are equipped with the latest software and advanced engineering practices to manage the complicated processes of structural consulting, design and analysis. We provide quick solutions to the requirements of local, national and international client base which includes industries, designing & building contractors and architects.

Our services cover Structural Consultation, Structural Analysis & Design, Seismic Assessment and Rehabilitation, Soil Report Evaluation Schedule, Design calculations, Construction method statements, Bar Bending Schedule, etc.



June 3rd, 2017

Civil construction falls in the category of civil engineering which is all about designing, constructing and maintaining the physical and naturally built environment. The stability of the design will serve as the foundation of civil construction. The contracts are executed in accordance with special patterns and schedules by our team of experienced and trustworthy civil engineers, who manage our projects.