Master plan is prepared for towns and cities and the same plays a key role in land use allotment for Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Public and Semi-Public, Traffic and Transportation, Parks, etc., After considering the existing land uses, on the Master Plan, every Survey Number has an allotment as stated above. We also have Detailed Development plan and New Town Development Plan which are in conformity with Master Plan proposal.
Zoning regulations on use of land and building has listed out the permissible uses in each and every zone for every survey number. It has been suggested that the areas may be classified as.

  • Residential use Zone
  • Commercial use Zone
  • Industrial use Zone
  • Educational use Zone
  • Public & Semi Public use Zone
  • Agriculture use Zone
  • CRZ 1
  • CRZ 2
  • CRZ 3
  • Water Body
  • Road
  • Reserve Forest

If anyone applies for zone change then the survey number pertaining to that land has to be checked. If the purpose mentioned is not as per our requirement then we have to go for change of zone. A Government Order has to be passed by the Government confirming the zone change.